Move that Walkin' babe!

Robo-Z is a Final boss Bust-a-Groove. Constructed by a tyrannical organization named "Secret X." Robo-Z was built for the sole purpose of harnessing total power of the Groovetron. Robo-Z is 52 meters tall on the final level, but on other stages, he is about the same height as normal characters. Can be unlocked by finishing the game on Hard difficulty option, or after completing two run throughs at an easier level and Robo-Z Gold only unlocks when you use Heat. In Heat's ending in the first game, Robo-Z was defeated by Heat and it was in flames and becomes burst in explosion as the white light (possibly the Groovetron) releases from its body and directly hits Heat.

The title of the song in its stage is "Flyin' To Your Soul".

In Bust A Groove 2, Robo-Z reappears as Robo-Z Gold and when he performs his African Dance moves, his robotic eyes will be exploded except the background 4th combo dance. But when his or her character defeats him in his boss stage and during fever time, Robo-Z Gold will be sunk into the ocean while its full body blows in several explosions.

Like Pander, Robo-Z Gold does not have an ending in the Japanese version of Bust A Groove 2 where he was responsible for stomping the Dancing Heroes' host, James Suneoka when he is about to introduced another guest to narrate his or her story comically as his giant feet can be seen through the ceiling. After Robo-Z's dance performance, James is seen in its flattened state when he concludes the show.


Bust a groove 2 boss characters by h8orsaints-d625rz1

Age: ?

Height: 52 m

Weight: 220 t

Dance Styles: Vogue and African dance

Jammer Type: Shockwave / Heat-seeking Missiles