The Fortune-Teller
Pinky in Bust A Groove
Vital statistics
Position Fortune-Teller
Professional Hitwoman
Age  ?
Status  ?
Physical attributes
Height  ?
Weight  ?
"I know and I see all!"

Pinky Diamond is a stripper, fortune-teller, a professional contract killer, and she does hair. No wonder she's so weird. She has the power to see the heart of anyone's lover and claims to know they're better than they know themselves. Their secrets are nowhere near being safe close to her!


Dance Style: Classic 1970's Motown

Jammer Type: Tarot Cards

Story Edit

Pinky's story is a mystery like herself, but we know that she dances very well and is a incredible fortune-teller. Her song theme sings about your skill. We know she's a stripper, a professional contract killer and does hair. Because of this Pinky is a weird character in Bust A Groove. No more we know about why Pinky is not a character in Bust A Groove 2. Her ending in Bust A Groove reveals that she took Robot-Z's power and her power of seeing the future increased a lot, making her a powerful opponent. In the end of her ending she laugh victorious.

Trivia Edit

  • Her stage has a lot of shine and resembles something like stripper clubs.
  • Her Jammer reveals some Tarot Cards and one of them is Death.
  • Her ability is so powerfull that she increase the Tarot Cards against the enemy.
  • Pinky's first and second outfit follows her name. Player 1 outfit is totally pink and Player 2 outfit is totally diamond/light-gray.
  • In the middle of Pinky's song, a sample is used right before the last chorus that says "Make a move!" but is often misheard as "Nigga move!".
  • Pinky is the tallest female in Bust a Groove. She's already tall and wears high boots.
  • Maybe her heart glasses may be a reference of what she can see, the deepest of a heart.
  • Her stage has a pyramid and everytime that the player is "rocking" with hard dance moves the pyramid expands and recovers to normal. In the end the pyramid top break and reveals a strong light.
  • The title song of her stage is "I Know".