1 2 3... Strike a pose!!!!

Michael Doi is Kitty-N's dance instructor. He is depicted as a stereotypical, homosexual man. He can be unlocked by using Hustle Kong.



Age: 34

Height: 175 cm

Weight: Secret

Dance Styles: Same as Kitty N

Jammer Type: Same as Kitty N


Michael Doi's has medium-length brown hair and black eyes with gold earring on his left ear.

He appears to where a flashy cyan mini jacket with a red, orange and yellow feathered designs in each sides of his jacket and a flashy magenta collar. Underneath a white sleeveless male ballet suit and a matching ballet tutu shoes.

In Kitty-N's epilogue in Bust A Move 2 where he drops the picture after he taught her to dance, he was seen in a red swimming trunks.