Shorty pulling off a Jammer against Hiro


A Jammer is a special ablity used to throw the opponent off-guard. Every character has one Jammer and these can be used twice during the dance-off. The opponent however can dodge these by selecting the square button at the right time. 

Characters (Bust-A-Groove)Edit

Shorty- Runs around in a circle and then raises her arm, this causes giant pieces of candy to fall upon her opponent. 

Gas-O- Punches in a code on the device attached to his arm- a giant gas chamber falls onto his opponent, entrapping them. 

Kitty-N- Pulls back her hand and swipes at the screen- the opponent is dazzled by a pink light and collaspes to the ground. 

Frida- Paints a giant wolf's head in the air, which attacks her opponent. 

Heat- Crouches before getting up then lifts his hands up- giant flame falls on his opponent.

Hiro- Turns around and then throws a picture of himself at the screen- the opponent faints.

Strike- Pulls out two guns and shoots the opponents feet.

Kelly- Waves her rattle and a burst of energy attacks her opponent. 

Hamm- Lifts up a burger from his finger, which then crashes down onto the other player- this attack has an active animation after the opponent gets up- the opponent is flattened for a couple of seconds. 

Pinky- Pinky summons a tarot card which curses her opponent. 

Bonus Characters 

Capoeira- The two aliens giggle moments before a wave of energy causes their opponent to collaspe

Robo-Z- Attacks the opponent with a beam.

Burger Dog- Identical to Hamm's Jammer. 

Columbo- Identical to Shorty's jammer. 

Invinciablity To Jammer Edit

The player can avoid getting hit by a jammer by selecting the square button instead of inputting the sequence of buttons to perform their next move. 

The player (and opponent) can attempt to pull off a jammer just before the solo- however if not done correctly- the jammer will backfire and the player will be left clutching their knees. However if pulled off right, the player wiil summon a attack like normal. If the opponent fails to avoid this, they will be unable to take their first or second solo move.

If the player is about to perform a 'freeze' and correctly pulls off their last move just as the jammer hits them. The player is invinciable to the jammer.