Hiro is a narcissistic disco-loving person. He lives in a costly tiny apartment where he works with his computer until Saturday night, where his playboy antics really take off. Don't even begin to try to match his Saturday night standards as he is truly one of a kind. In the end of the first game, Hiro is seen working with his computer at night. After he finishes his computer work, he raises his hand and it soon changes where he was seen dancing solely in the Disco Fashion where he shows his dance moves on the dance floor.

In the sequel, Hiro has a habit of combing his hair on his apartment and hates to have bugs on his hairdo which he was shown burning the fly with his lighter. He continues his Saturday night life as a disco dancer and becomes a playboy in which the girls are gone crazy over him but is shy with women.

His favorite word is "Split"

In Bust A Groove the title song of his stage is "The Natural Playboy".


Hiro bust a groove fanart by razielmn-d5lufld

Age: 20 (Bust A Groove) 21 (Bust A Groove 2)

Height: 179 cm

Weight: 68 kg

Dance Styles: 1970s Disco with robotic and acrobatic influences

Jammer Type: Autographed photo of himself

Counterpart: Hustle Kong


Hiro appears to have a short brown hair, brown eyes and a slight goatee.

In Bust A Groove, Hiro's primary outfit is a white formal suit under a magenta buttoned shirt, white pants and white and purple shoes. He also has a chest hair when he wears this outfit.

His alternate outfit is a white sleeveless shirt with a I♥ME in the center of his shirt, blue denim pants and black shoes. He also wears his signature black sunglasses.

In Bust A Groove 2, Hiro retains his primary outfit in the original series but has minor changes as his white and purple shoes is replaced with a pair of flashy brown leather shoes.

His alternate outfit is a white and dark blue stripped long sleeve shirt, white pants and black shoes. He maintains wearing his signature black sunglasses and now wears a white hat. His white hat is not seen once he was knocked down by other characters' jammers.

In the epilogue in Bust A Groove, Hiro is seen in a dark blue robe with a towel on his neck while working with his computer while the sequel in the japanese version of Bust A Groove 2 he was seen in a white and blue stripped boxers where he was combing his hair.


  • Hiro is the most popular character in Bust A Groove since he is in the cover
  • He seems similar to John Travolta in the 70's due to somewhat his look and him dancing to disco
  • He is the one of the most main characters in Bust A Groove