The Crazy Gas Lover
Chemical boy by necr0b0r9-d47fllx
Vital statistics
Position A Scientist
A Crazy Son
Age 15 (Bust A Groove)
16 (Bust A Groove 2)
Status  ?
Physical attributes
Height  ?
Weight  ?


-Gas-O while using his Jammer to his opponent in a cowboy yodel.

Gas-O is the son of Bi-O and one of the playable characters in Bust A Groove.

Gas-O was interested in science since he was 8. And now, at 15, he has made several outstanding tasks, including being a consultant for NASA, the determination of time in a particle accelerator, and study the gaseous elements in his laboratory. Gas-O Groovetron expected to be used to develop the final gas.

Gas-O made his unplayable appearance in Bust A Groove 2 in his father's epilogue where the dancing heroes host, James Suneoka tells about his father's backstory. He was responsible for gassing his father, Bi-O with his gas and impales his father's head with his own axe after the latter attempts to unmask him. He was later arrested for his personal actions after gassing with acidic gas in his own father and impales him with his axe on his head according to the manual.

During the Solo Dance off, Gas-O's special combination can be triggered by entering

Left + down + right + up then Circle when prompted


Dance Style: Break dance / House Dance

Jammer Type: Gas Chamber


Gas-O appears to have blonde hair in a mohawk style and mostly wears his gas mask which he conceals his face.

His only appearance was wearing a white sleeveless vest under a orange and black catsuit and black boots. He wears a matching yellow and black gloves and shoulder bands with a sign of "G" imprinted at the center of both gloves and shoulder bands. He also wears a gas pack which he keeps his acidic gas.

Trivia Edit

  • It's fact that Gas-O tried to assassinate his father, Bi-O, but failed. Gas-O turned his father into a zombie by using his acidic gas.
  • Gas-O's theme is Chemical Love.
  • Gas-O's Jammer paralyzes the opponent. It's the only Jammer that does not hit the opponent with a physical or magic attack.
  • Gas-O's is so addicted to gas that he is already immune. His body is a dangerous biological weapon.
  • His stage is something that resembles an evil base or a sewer.
  • When the player is "rocking" the dance sequences, the containers of gas throb in a cartoonish fashion, as if they are about to explode.
  • Gas-O is the smallest male character in Bust A Groove. The other one is Hamm.
  • In Bust A Move, Gas-O generally is either the first or second oponent you beat. The first generally is Frida.