Dance Summit 2001: Bust a Move
Game Details
Developers Metro Graphics
Publishers Square-Enix
Platforms Playstation 2
Release Dates Japanese only release

November 2, 2000

Dance Summit 2001: Bust A Move is a Rhythm / Music game, developed by Metro and published by Square Enix, which was released in Japan in 2000.

The first two Bust A Move games worked like a standard two-man dance competition. You danced against either a computer opponent or a second player, and whoever had the tightest moves won. Dance Summit 2001 takes a slightly different approach. Instead of just two dancers, there is a team of four. You still compete against the other three dancers in your squad, but you can also team up with your squad for a wider variety of moves.

Source Gamespot

Characters Edit

Group Charatcers Dance Style Stage
Galaxy 4 Orion Miranda Planet Apollo Disco Disco 21
Cusu Cusu Cindy Kei Sahara Mi African Jungle Rock
Data Be Bops 3D Suzuki G-Pan Honda Hip Hop East Sayde Kita 2001
Far East Commanders Shogun Imawa Hamanatsu Tomoe
Jumbo Max Jason Bat Meat Duck
Flower Dancing Team Marguerite Jasmine Cherry Saffron House Hanazono
Disco Estrus Micro Texas Utan Dragon
School Mates Olive Betty Banbi Candy J-Pop Cherry Bomb