A waitress working in Sushi Planet who dances on Rollerblades. Aside from being a waitress, she has magic powers to change anyone to any kind of food she wishes. She is Frida's younger sister who discovered her powers after being kidnapped and nearly killed after their captors did not receive their demands.



Age: 16

Height: 162 cm

Weight: 45 kg

Dance Styles: Rollerblade Dance

Jammer Type: Magical Wand


Like her older sister Frida, Comet has medium-length blue hair and brown eyes.

Her primary outfit in Bust A Groove 2 is a light blue waist apron with star design on her apron. Underneath is a white short sleeve shirt with a pink collar, see through pink mini skirt which is show her white panties underneath it, blue gauntlet bands and wears her pink and blue rollerblades. She also wears a matching waitress hat on her head.

In the epilogue of Bust A Move 2 before she became the waitress and being kidnapped by her captors, she wears a white short sleeve collar shirt, black shorts and white sneakers. She also wears a white headband while wearing this outfit.

Her alternate outfit is a black short dress with a long sleeve buttoned shirt and a bow tie on her collar, thigh high socks and wears a pair of black rollerblades. She also wears a black bunny headband when she wears this outfit in the Japanese version.