"The Dancing Zombie"
Bi-o in Bust A Groove 2
Vital statistics
Position Dancer
Age 47
Status Unknown
Physical attributes
Height 178 cm
Weight 65 kg

Bi-O is Gas-O's father. Before he was turned into a zombie-like look in appearance, he attempted to remove his son Gas-O's mask, causing the latter to became enraged. Gas-O gassed his father with his acidic gas and immediately retrieved his father's axe. Bi-O was angered by this, as his face and body started to deteriorate. Without warning, his enraged son came from behind him and buried the axe in his skull. Gas-O is later arrested after the incident, explaining his absence in Bust A Groove 2. Neighbors and those around him began calling him Bi-O due to his zombiesque appearance. Doctors could not restore his face and head to it's original appearance due to the axe being irremovable without causing further catastrophic damage. Bi-O's only hope was to play catch with his son, Gas-O, who is later arrested for what he did to him.

In the end of his epilogue in Bust A Move 2 where he was guested by James Suneoka, the axe on his head was removed by the host himself as the latter get axed on his head while it continues to bleed overtime.


  • Dance Styles: Zombie
  • Jammer Type: Axe


In his epilogue in Bust A Move 2 before being sprayed by his son's acidic gas, Bi-O has short dark gray hair and blue eyes and wears a pale green long sleeve buttoned shirt, pants and black shoes.

After his son gas and impales him in the head with his own axe and was arrested in the incident, Bi-O's appearance is now green skinned due his body and face was deteriorate from his son's acidic gas and his left leg is now showing his left skeletal leg. His outfit wears a royal blue tattered military uniform with white tie on his collar with long sleeves on the right and the other sleeves is torn into short sleeve to his left, The left sleeve of his pants was torn to make it short as it shows his left skeletal leg and wears a black and gray boots with the his son's symbol "G" in each side of his boots.

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